Although the point value of S is one, and the value of  a blank is nothing, it well worth considering their worth to your rack and in particular their usefulness in generating a large move score.


Many top players will rarely use an 'S' for less than 30 points during the first half of the game.

Many top players will rarely use a blank for less than 50 points during the first half of the game.


In all likelihood both will form the basis of a bonus word (ie 70+ points).


There are exceptions : perhaps you are holding 3 esses, or maybe a rack with no vowels, or there is a high scoring opportunity that needs to be blocked before your opponent uses it. In  general (and probably 80% of the time) the 30/50 values should be considered.



As the game progresses the point worth will diminish as the board becomes more blocked, and letters are used up. However, the value of 'the last' S or blank is a useful weapon, so may be worth retaining for the end-game.

How many vowels are there in a standard set ? How many consonants ?


Have a little think ? Are there 30 vowels ? 40 ? 50 ?


There are 42 vowels, and 56 consonants. (and 2 blanks).


That is a ratio of 3:4, which is very difficult to work out especially as the letters come out randomly.



One way to consider the ratio is a 50:50 ratio with a slight emphasis to consonants.

This section of the East Berks Scrabble Club is concerned with Strategy.

Mainly hints and tips on becoming a better player, though one of the main ways is TO LEARN MORE WORDS.

Word learning, and vocabulary puzzles, appear in the 'Wordplay' section.


This section will cover the 'why' a move is better than others.

'Why' certain word lists are more profitable to learn than others.

'Why' the top players always seem to have a bonus on their racks!


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