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Every 4-5 years the Scrabble World Word List gets updated to incorporate recent new words and expressions.

On May 2 2019 Collins Scrabble Words 2019 (CSW19) was published. The number of changes from CSW15 was relatively minor and a helpful initiation kit has been put online here :




The fun for East Berks Scrabble started at 6pm on May 1st, the day before the new word list was published.




We received a phone call from Channel 5 asking to film us around midday on the 2nd to talk about the new list.


We had just a few hours to make sure out meeting room was free, and to assemble a number of members for filming.

Sadly when we chatted to Channel 5 mid-morning on the 2nd, we were no longer required as they had two UK/World Scrabble Champions coming to their studios!



Fingers crossed they remember us in 4 years time… when the next word book is due out!