Four members of East Berks travelled to the Isle of Wight for the annual tournament. 

The tournament is actually 2 round-robins back-to-back with promotion and relegation between divisions after the first tournament.

For the first tournament Graham played in A (and subsequently got relegated to B), Helen played in B (finished third and got promoted to A), and Tricia and Maureen both played in Division C. Maureen finished mid-table, but Tricia despite being one of the lower ranked players in her division stormed through winning the Division with 8 wins out of 10 (+328 spread). Well done to the Helen and Tricia!

Helen receiving her prize

Helen receiving her prize


Tricia receiving her prize


In the second tournament Tricia and Helen found the going harder in their promoted divisions but both achieved their start rating standard. Maureen again finished mid-table in her division, and Graham won Division B with a game to spare! ((9 wins +539). Well done to Graham!


Graham receiving his prize


The hotel is right on the sea-front and the weather was just kind enough to have a short walk between games enjoying the sea air!