There are 13 3 letter words listed below.

Add 2 different letters at the beginning of each word to make a normal, English word. (Admittedly one has a 'foreign undercurrent').

Each letter of the alphabet is used exactly once so some thought is needed as to which words you make.

For example if you choose to SW-EAR to cannot use the S to make SP-OKE or the W to make  WI-PED.


Hint : think about where the JQXZ may be, and whether any of the 3 letter words can only be extended to make a solitary 5 letter word.


AIL              ARF           ARS        BOO       CEP

EAR             IDE            ISM        OBE       OKE

ORD            OWN          PED


All of the answers in the above quiz are everyday words.


Below, is exactly the same puzzle, with different 3 letter words, this time making more obscure Scrabble words. Again use all 26 letters just once only.


AJI            AMI             ANA       CAD        GON

HOS          IRK              LAG      LOW        NON

OOF          OXY             ULE


Answers below






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Now :


QUAIL            DWARF       CZARS       TABOO     BICEP

SMEAR           OXIDE         PRISM      GLOBE      EVOKE

FJORD            KNOWN      HYPED




Answers for the harder set coming soom








In a mo







Now :


BHAJI             SWAMI     JNANA      CYCAD    TIGON

DZHOS            QUIRK     OFLAG      AGLOW   XENON   

KLOOF            PROXY     MVULE